We believe that ESG is a prerequisite for long-term healthy returns


NIO originates from an ESG mindset practiced by our founders, pioneers within renewable energy infrastructure and sustainable real estate. It is our vision to carry on the legacy to create sustainable returns for our investors and preserve the real value of investments. Our ESG integration aims to protect the value of NIO’s investments and to contribute to ensuring that the portfolio companies have the lowest possible capital costs and act responsibly. We invest with companies that share our guiding beliefs, and we practice active ownership to ensure our portfolio continuously lives up to our promise to offer our investors best-in-class alternative investments.

ESG integration process

NIO evaluates fund investments by mapping potential ESG market risks and continuously assessing the managers’ commitment to ESG

Market risks
NIO assesses geographic and sector risks particular to the fund and strategy at the time of the investment. These risks are taken into consideration in the overall risk assessment

Manager ratings
NIO has developed an in-house ESG rating model. The model assesses investment managers’ overall ESG approach, management/corporate buy-in and reporting & monitoring. Manager ratings will be revised on an annual basis

Manager ratings will be monitored annually to reflect potential improvements/changes to ESG approach and developments over time - as well as new regulatory/legal and market standards and requirements

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We believe that sustainability is about acting responsibly without compromising financial returns. We act responsibly by actively screening, rating and monitoring our investments and our managers’ approach to ESG. NIO has developed an ESG rating tool, which consistently and meticulously ensures ESG compliance and quality living up to our standards. To meet the demands of the future, we continuously seek partnerships that help us learn and raise the bar for ESG excellence.

Advisory Board

We rely on seasoned ESG specialists for strategic counseling

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Malin Lindfors Speace

Partner & Senior Advisor, Ethos International

Malin Lindfors Speace

Founder of Ethos International and specialised in sustainable business development. Malin has extensive experience from working with multinational and Nordic companies on sustainability issues, including integrating sustainability risks into risk management and asset management.

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Melanie Brooks

Portfolio Manager and Head of ESG at Fondsfinans Kapitalforvaltning

Melanie Brooks

Melanie Brooks is Portfolio Manager and Head of ESG at Fondsfinans Kapitalforvaltning. She also serves on the board of Up Norway, Lakers Group and Applied Hydrogen AS. Prior to joining CARN, Melanie was Head of ESG Risk Monitoring at Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM). She has previously held roles in ESG at Folketrygdfondet and Société Générale and was a founding member of NORSIF. Melanie holds a Post-Graduate Diploma in Financial Strategy from Said Business School, an M.Sc. in Development Studies from NMBU and a B.A. in Anthropology from the University of New Mexico.

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Jens-Christian Stougaard

Chief Executive Officer, The Danish Recovery Fund

Jens-Christian Stougaard

CEO at The Danish Recovery Fund (Danmarks Genopretningsfond) and heading the consultancy, HaNoLo Analytics. From 2009 to 2018 he was Senior Vice President at PensionDanmark. Previously a member of the Pension Policy Committee at Insurance & Pension Denmark (2012-2018) and member of the Strategy Officers Community at World Economic Forum (2014-2018). From 2013-2018 he was chairman at Dansif (Danish Social Investment Forum). He holds an Executive MBA from Copenhagen Business School (2007) and an MSc in Economics from University of Copenhagen (1999).



PRI signatory as of 2020

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