Rethinking the traditional private investment model

NIO invests in private funds across private equity, infrastructure, real estate and private debt.

Good investments, good outcome,
and true alignment

Our idea started with a desire to bridge a gap in the market. Our ambition is to give institutional investors access to investment opportunities that were traditionally only open to large institutional investors, due to their high investment amounts, complexity and operational requirements.



NIO invites investors to unlisted, diversified private funds in one place; our progressive investment platform. As complicated as the alternative investment funds market may be, there is nothing complicated about our business idea. Good investments, good outcome and true alignment.

“We make high demand private funds accessible to investors.”


NIO offers a high level of transparency in business towards investors and funds invested in. Transparency is a key value in relation to overall fund performance, performance on investor level, calculation of fees, risk assessment as well as other relevant information.


Before NIO, majority of investors were often denied access to high demand private funds. Our investors will benefit from our combined network and existing relations which will provide access to investment opportunities that normally are reserved for large institutional investors.


Our platform is fully digital, allowing investors to place orders, access performance information in relation to investments as well as a catalogue with upcoming investment opportunities. Furthermore, NIO uses the digital platform for sharing of insights and invitations to upcoming events.