NIO Investor Notice: Coronavirus/COVID-19

Society and public markets are currently affected by considerable uncertainty and volatility.

At NIO we continue to execute our investment strategy unaffected by such uncertainty and volatility. Your investments are safe with us. All our investors have no exposure beyond their commitments, and since our investments are in the early stage of their portfolio build-up, we expect no material negative effects for our strategy. Entry and exit multiples and financing structures may be affected in our portfolio funds, but our strategy and expectations in respect of private market versus public market performance remain unaffected.

New clients continue to commit to invest with us, and we expect to continue our roll-out during 2020 of new private market products to existing and new customers, including CIV II (unlevered), and feeder funds into NSF V and CI IV.

NIO is in active dialogue with the managers in our investment portfolio who are all closely monitoring their portfolios. It is NIO’s assessment that the managers are exhibiting prudent and proactive approaches to safeguarding their investments.

NIO intends to operate as normal as possible in the days to come. NIO has a contingency plan in place, also encompassing suppliers, hence we will continue to be fully operational during the current Danish lockdown.

Our designated new CEO, Mogens Thorninger, expects to join by the end of April.

If you have questions or wish further information on current or future private market investments opportunities, please reach out to Sebastian Siegl or other members of the NIO team.