NIO has no direct investments or links to any firms or individuals in Russia, Belarus or Ukraine

Over the past weeks, NIO has been in dialogue with all the managers of the funds in which NIO has invested to understand if and to what extent their underlying investments are impacted by the war.
As a direct consequence, the world is now seeing historical policy actions and experiencing major moves across global markets, including hikes in the price of energy and raw materials and disruptions across global supply chains.

Given the major disruptions across global markets, our managers are in active dialogue with their portfolio companies to manage any potential risks. While NIO does not have any direct investments in Russia, we will continue to monitor the situation closely.

We at NIO are shocked and saddened by the tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. We hope for peace to be restored as quickly as possible and strongly supports the right for Ukrainians to freely and independently decide their future.

For any queries about your investment, please contact your NIO representative.