Opening new doors to alternative funds

Good investments, good outcome and true alignment.

Our model

Identifying strong performing funds

Our model for accessing and investing in the best private funds is straight forward, yet requires both soft and hard skills. We use our expertise, relations in the business, awareness of investment solutions and commitment to our investors to ensure that we provide access to the funds we identify as attractive.

The principles behind NIO’s fund selection are to identify strong performing funds led by stable and trustworthy teams who have a clear strategy towards investing in attractive markets.

A fund will only be of relevance to NIO if it acts professionally and is a fund that the NIO owners and employees themselves would invest in. NIO employs a selective and investor friendly way of operating, meaning that investors can pick and choose the investments which fit their portfolio and risk appetite. Additionally, NIO will always consider funds that prioritize ESG and RI matters in their way of doing business.

“The principles behind NIO’s fund selection are to identify strong performing funds led by stable and trustworthy teams who have a clear strategy towards investing in attractive markets.”

Our process

Our investment and due diligence process

  1. Sourcing

    We work proactively to scan the market for private funds that fulfill our investment criteria i.e. good track record, strong and cohesive teams, operational value creation, institutional culture and naturally high level of prudency and integrity.

  2. Due diligence

    Our due diligence is based on the industry practice for large institutional investors. By following a rigorous step wise investigation, we ensure that we arrive at better investment decisions.

  3. Monitoring

    We are continuously in close contact with the private funds and fellow investors to ensure that investment performance and mandates are on track.

Key factors

Why invest with NIO

A global platform built on Nordic values
We have a global business perspective and scalable solutions, whilst our roots are firmly attached to the Nordic soil. We believe the latter is evident through our shared values, characterised by trust, openness, equality and sustainability.

Access and transparency
Our team has significant experience and proven track record in selecting high quality funds. We have established key parameters for assessing and selecting funds which aim to achieve a maximum risk adjusted rate of return without undue risk of loss. The strong and unique combined network of our team ensures inroads to private funds.

Fee charges
We charge balanced fees and do not accept any fees from placement agents. Any fee discounts obtained from private funds, e.g. by participating in first closing and/or volume discounts, will be passed on to the investors.

Aligned incentives
NIO’s employees and owners will always invest in the same private funds as offered to our investors. Furthermore, we are fully independent of any banks, pensions funds etc. and therefore free to select and invest in the private funds of our choosing.

Administrative advantages
We provide a simple solution and fully integrated platform where you can view the reporting and performance of your investments.